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Investing in a Pool Liner

While pool cleaners keep your pool looking clean, it is also important to protect the surface of your pool. Liners are especially important to protect above-ground units, which are more vulnerable to damage than other types. Liners should be considered as an investment to help your pool retain quality.

Liners are built to withstand adverse weather, rowdy swimmers, and overall wear and tear. Quality liners will typically be made of vinyl, have double welded seams, a 15-25 year warranty, and come in a variety of colors and designs to make lining your pool both functional and fun. Some even offer U.V. protection. The different kinds of liners are usually distinctive by their mode of installation.

Above ground overlap liners are held in place by plastic strips and are attached over the edge of the wall and hangs down.

Above ground beaded liners are named as such because of a beaded track, or bead receiver, that runs along the edge of the pool in which the liner snaps into place.

Above ground expendable liners are most often used for circular pools, and it is common for wrinkling to occur after installation.

Above ground uni-bead liners, or J-Hook liners, are some of the easiest to install and come with designer borders. These types of liners are slipped over the top of the pool and hang down, but they can also usually be installed in the beaded fashion as well.

On-ground liners are specifically for pools that are partially above ground. These types of pools have specific brands like Kayak and Fanta Sea and liners are designed to fit the specific brands. On-ground pools are still as vulnerable as above ground pools to damage due to weather and other wear and tear.

It is still important to have a liner for in-ground pools because these pools are still susceptible to damage. Liners can also protect from algae and other surface contaminants and the designs can offer a fun change from the bare look of your pool.

Once a pool liner is out of its warranty, tears can be patched up easily with a repair sealant such as EZ Patch 28. This sealant can dry underwater and repairs tears as good as new. Find this sealant, pool liners and other pool and spa supplies at a pool supply store.

Investing in a pool liner can ensure your pool stays in good condition for years to come.